Final Day in Seattle

Hello readers! One last post about Seattle and then I have a yummy fall recipe for you coming up next. All of this talk of Seattle and seeing the pictures of leaves changing has been making me crave fall foods – apples, squash, pumpkins. I must say I went a little pumpkin crazy yesterday at the store.

Anyway, back to our final day in Seattle. It started with short hike through a garden, into the woods, and down to the Puget Sound to see some of the Seattle area beaches. It was a bit chilly, but there were still a few people hanging out at the beach, reading books, digging holes, and just soaking up a little sun.

For breakfast, we headed to Mighty-O’s for some delicious, out-of-this-world vegan donuts. While donuts are not the healthiest of fare, I figured the vegan kind might at least be slightly healthier…so I ordered one plus a mini donut. Eh, what better time to splurge than vacation?

After breakfast, we made a quick stop at the Seattle Troll

before we headed back downtown to tour the aquarium (Sea otters, Sea Lions, and Jellies, oh my!) and take a harbor cruise. It was a wonderful way to end our visit to the city.

The best way to cap it off, though, was to check out Café Flora, a Seattle-based vegetarian restaurant. Café Flora has tons of Vegan and Gluten Free options, which I had several of.

I had Vegan Caesar Salad with Capers and…

a delicious Vegan/Gluten-Free Mexican Pizza

The hubby’s Vegan Portabella French Dip

Peach Crisp for Dessert

The next day we said “Aloha” and headed off to Hawaii for the second leg of our trip.

Coming up next on the blog, a fall recipe and a recap of our Hawaii trip.

Peace, Love, and Aloha,


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