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Weekly Workout: Top Workouts of 2013

Well, you all let it be known that you are loving the Barre craze that is popping up all over the place in the past few years!  In 2013, most of the Top workouts on the House of Healthy’s YouTube channel were part of the Barre Series. You can checkout the playlist for that right here. And look for more fun Barre workouts in the year ahead.

In addition to the Barre Series, I also featured a Sleek and Sculpted Arm Series, which used some of the barre elements but focused just on the upper body, especially into those hard to tone places aka the back of the arms. In case you have forgotten or didn’t have a chance to check it out before, this workout features light or NO weights but gives you long, lengthened, toned muscles. And I promise, you’ll still feel the burn even with these light weights – they just help you get that much deeper into the exercise and hold for more counts or reps. Today I’ve compiled a playlist for you of the entire Sleek and Sculpted Arm Series, so you can find them easily and maybe even use them together for one mega arm workout!

HOH Arm Playlist

What types of workouts would you like to see featured on The House of Healthy this year? Are there any series that you would like to see and have turned into a playlist for you?

Let me know in the comments below! And look for new workouts starting next week!

Peace and Love.


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