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Are you Addicted to Summer…Smoothie?

Summertime means long days in the sun, sweat trickling down your spine as you heat up, and cold drinks and dips in the water to cool you back down. It also means tons of fresh, juicy produce to replenish and rehydrate you after those long, not-so-lazy days of summer. And nothing says summer like a big juicy watermelon.
In Ayurveda, the nutritional and medicinal sister science to yoga, summer is the season of Pitta, the fiery dosha. This means that left unchecked, you are more likely to overheat, lose your temper, have indigestion, and basically lose your cool.
In Chinese medicine and Yin yoga, this is the time of year to focus on improving blood circulation and yin chi. The more freely your blood can flow through your system, the more energy you will have for outdoor summertime activities. Good blood flow means less strain on your heart when you head out for a run, walk, or hot day at the beach.
Luckily, it doesn’t have to be complicated to keep your cool and support your blood circulation during the heat of the season. You can turn to your food selection to cool you off, relinquish the excess fire in your belly, save you from a temper tantrum, and keep you free to move without strain. Three of the best choices also happen to make one heck of a tasty drink that will leave you addicted to summer all season long.
Watermelon, pineapple, and coconut water are all superior hydrators. The fruits are highly water dense and the coconut water contains electrolytes to re-balance your system. Watermelon also contain the specific amino acid, L-citrulline, which is said to help to prevent soreness after a workout. Pineapple contains bromelain which helps to improve blood circulation. Add these three together and you have the perfect drink for all your summer needs!
addicted to summer
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I have been addicted to this smoothie for the past week or two, chugging it down each morning and sometimes for a midday refreshing cnack. A few weeks ago, I was all about green juice and can slowly see my thoughts and recipes turning toward berries and bananas.

With all the new combos, I decided to start a new program for you.

Every week I will give you the “Juice of the Week”, featuring a new juice or smoothie recipe that I am digging or that you are in love with. Share in the comments below to potentially get your recipe featured on the blog OR share an ingredient you’d like to see in a smoothie or juice. 

Each of my own recipes will be directly from my own kitchen AND from a new project I am working on for you – a Juice Book E-Guide to use on it’s own or to go along with the Detox 101 book, due out this fall. This will be a downaloadable book that has recipes, tips, explanations, juicer/blender details, and answers all your juicing questions. 

Look for it coming later this summer. If you haven’t already, sign up below to receive all the updates in the weekly newsletter. 
And leave your recipe or juice suggestions below!
Peace and Love, 

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