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Turn Three Meals into a Hundred – without opening a recipe book

I was watching a trashy tv show – ok, not that bad, but definitely in the Primetime soap category, a girl’s gotta have her drama, ya know?- and one of the characters was making a dinner for her hot secret date. He mentioned something about knowing she could cook. She said ” I took a cooking class awhile back. Now I know how to cook 3 things”.

And I thought – 

If you can cook three things, you can cook a hundred. 

Ok, maybe not a hundred, but enough for a couple weeks worth of recipes. 


Once you learn the recipe, you don’t just have one dish, you have basic knowledge of how to cook. You know how to make an omelet, so why not turn it into scrambled eggs, stir fry, or a fajita? You haven’t learned how to ONLY chop onions and peppers for one recipe. You’ve learned how to chop, cook, and flavor them for ANY recipe. 
three to 100
Once you learn the basics, you have the knowledge to take it wherever you go and play around with it. Because, whether you realize it or not, you already know how to do it.

 How freeing is that thought?

And you know what else? This transfers into all areas. In fact, you’ve been doing it forever.
You know how to match yor favorite jeans to your favorite shirt, and that same shirt to your favorite skirt, and that skirt to a sweater, right? You know how to switch up your cardio at the gym or maybe try free weights instead of the weight machines. You know how to pair different core work into your routine. And if you don’t yet, you can learn it quickly.

Why is this important?

[Tweet “Because you already know everything you need to be healthy without feeling bored or deprived.”]

You just have to believe you can make it happen.

 You are a multi-tasker in the mix and match department, Now you just need to take it into the kitchen and play around. Once you learn a few staples, you’ll be able to add them in and swap them out with ease. Switch up the veggies in your stirfry, run a different trail, add a new sauce to your dish, change your snack, buy a new dvd. Change is hard, but when you reach deep down, you’ve got the tools to make it happen.

What can you do today to create more health in your life? What could you change around to expand your health and wellness? Take one thing and leave it in the comments below to set it in motion. 

Peace and Love,
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