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“Improve Your Run” Workouts – PLUS a Yoga Legging Giveaway!

I’ve been talking and writing a lot lately about foods to fuel you when you are super busy or training intensely. And there is good reason – if you don’t fuel yourself, you’ll run out of steam mentally and physically. Whether you are prepping for a long day at work, an intense meeting, or a difficult workout, fuel is one side of the coin. 
The other side is taking care of your body.
If you are training for a race or just training for your life, it is important to fuel your body with a cross-balanced workout. Today, I have two of these workouts for you: Yoga to stretch it out and barre to tone and lengthen. These are perfect for anyone who needs a little break during their day, but even better for those training to run. You’ll work supportive muscles, including your core, and you’ll also train your legs to work more efficiently. 
Click on the photos below to download your PDF workout
Yoga for Runners
Use this yoga workout to stretch after a short run or as part of your cross-training. Hold each pose for 5 breaths and repeat on the opposite side. Remember to firmly plant your feet, engage your core and glutes, and relax your neck and shoulders. 
For your barre workout, perform 12 counts of each step, moving from part “a” to part “b”. Hold the final step for five breaths. With each move, engage your core to stay balanced and centered. 
I recently received 2 outfits (shirt and leggings) from Nualime – a new yoga and workout gear line featuring fresh colors, styles, and fabric. If you want to see how well these fit, just check out the 2 outfits in the workouts above. Each features the signature tank with the Starlight Leggings. (*Note: I was not paid, just simply asked for an honest opinion)
Here is what I thought about Nualime’s  products:
– Nualime fabrics are made to fit YOUR shape, so you can wear them in class, after class, or out and about town. 
– The pants were super tiny looking, but the fabric theory held true – they stretched and molded to fit my shape
– The fabric is also super soft and not see-through, so there are no worries about your under-roos showing 😉
– The shirts were a little shorter than I am used to, but very comfortable, and hey – crop tops are back in style!
– The pants are triple-seamed, so even if the thread runs, you don;t have to worry about your pants falling apart. 
All in all, these are super comfy, just the right length, and come in fabulous colors perfect for any workout.
If you would like to have a pair of your own leggings from Nualime, you can enter below for a chance to win. 


a Rafflecopter giveaway
Giveaway ends Monday. Best of luck!
Peace and Love, 

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