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How to Make Chia Seed Pudding


I am a snacker. I always have been and always will be. No matter how hard I try to eat only three meals a day and cut out my 3 snacks a day, it just doesn’t work for me. I get too hungry, irritable and foggy-headed without a snack. And if I try to eat enough to “hold me over”, I feel full and sluggish all day.

So to cut back on headaches and an upset stomach, I make healthy snacks. Sometimes it looks like fruit and cheese, a handful of nuts or chips and hummus. Other times it’s yogurt or a smoothie to go. And sometimes, I want something I can have all week long, that I know is highly nutritious and filling.

This is where Chia Seed Pudding comes in. I have posted about chia pudding in the past, blending it up or adding chocolate and bananas. These are great options, but I find the best option for me lately has been traditional, plain chia pudding. It is a quick snack I can portion out or scoop a serving from and contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats, as well as a few carbs from natural sugars. It is a nutrient dense snack that I don’t have to feel guilty about.

Healthy Benefits*:

  • Chia Seeds: high in omega 3’s (the good fats) and great for hydration. Also a great source of iron, fiber and plant-based protein
  • Maple Syrup: a good source of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants

*All info on ingredients can be found in my book, The Smoothie Life


Try topping it with fruit, granola or even sprinkling in some cacao.


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