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Are you ready to feel better than ever, without deprivation? Detox 101 is just what you need!

Detox 101: A 21-Day Guide to Cleansing Your Body Through Juicing, Exercise, and Healthy Living is a full 3 week cleanse, designed to kickstart your health, clean the junk out of your life, and re-energize your spirit. Detox 101 is a complete cleanse, featuring juices, food, exercise, self-care, and meditations. Each day features new tips, tools, and movements to deepen your cleanse, along with a step-by-step guide for your full day. You’ll have 21 days of meals, exercise, and daily routines mapped out for you, so the guess work is taken out of your detox.

In 21-Days, you can destress, energize, and feel better than ever. Without feeling deprived.

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What is a Detox or Cleanse?

A detox isn’t just a fad diet or a temporary fix. A detox is a kickstart to help you break old habits, form new ones, and make changes that will last a lifetime. A detox cleans up your food, your exercise and your daily habits that keep you feeling weighted down. You eat healthy food, learn how to exercise for energy and get rid of the negative thinking that clogs your brain.
Here’s what a detox can do for you:

– Improve Digestion

– Lose weight

– Get stronger

– Fight Fatigue and exhaustion

– Reduce Bloat and Excess Water

– Release stress

– Regain energy

It is not about starving yourself, feeling deprived and exhausted or about dropping 50 pounds in 3 weeks. It is about helping you feel lighter, brighter and be the absolute best, most real version of you. 

Why Detox?

Detoxing undoes what you do in your everyday life. When you eat too much, drink too much, exercise too little or the wrong way, and let the stress and sleep deprivation pile up, you let toxins and tension build up. All this build up can wreak havoc on your body, stress you out more, and continue the cycle. All of this leaves you unenergized, unhealthy, and mostly likely feeling a little lackluster in your life.

This is where a detox comes in. It will help you to undo and reverse what your everyday life does, so you can recharge, get energized and love the healthy, happy life you deserve!

How Does this book Differ?

Most cleanses offer you plenty of juice recipes or clean eating suggestions. While there is some support along the way, it is mostly focused on the juicing, the detoxifying, and the food portion. And this IS important – because feeding your body good food and flushing out your digestive tract is important to detoxifying – but its not the only part.

There are two other components that you will find in this book that are essential, but often missing, from most program.

1) Exercise: Most programs encourage it, but rarely are the exercises mapped out for you. In this program, you’ll find 3 different workouts, with descriptions and pictures for each move. You’ll also find a 21 day exercise plan that tells you which days to use which workouts. These exercises focus on making you sweat, stretch, and strengthen, but also on twisting and folding to help detox the body further.

2) Self-Care: Each day, you’ll get simple but effective meditations, mantras/mottos, and guided exercises to help you release deep stress and tension as you deepen your awareness of how you  feel physically and mentally. This is where the deep detox happens. You’ll learn to recognize and release stress, which, means you’ll feel energized and you are more likely to make positive/healthy choices throughout the day.

What are people saying?

“I almost shy away from the word detox in general simply because it scares people. It flashes images of water fasting and never eating a sweet treat again. When, in reality, a good detox is about cleaning up your diet, not depriving it. Taking out the trash and keeping it out. That is the goal of this 21-day guide, a gentle dance in the direction of optimal health. No pushing or shoving, Jessi leads you thoughtfully toward incorporating fun steps to a better, happier you. No deprivation, only guidelines to new fun routines that you will look forward to.” – Mandy of Yoga Addicted

“Detox 101 is “a 21-day guide to cleansing your body through juicing, exercise, and healthy living.”  It doesn’t just throw you into a program, wish you luck, and leave you hanging when it’s over.  Jessi Andricks starts out by explaining her own journey and what lead her to a health conscience life.  She then explains what a detox is, why and how to cleanse, and it’s role in proper digestion.  Before starting the program you’re encouraged to prepare yourself, both physically and mentally, and there’s a whole chapter to help you do just that…Bottom Line: Would I follow the plan set out in Detox 101? I most certainly would.  Feeling amazing after 3 weeks and not starving myself to do so sounds like a good plan to me. ” – Crystal of The Slow Road to Healthy

“Detox 101 is a 21-day program that you can follow day by day. It focuses on improving eating habits by beginning with a detox and learning how to avoid foods that cause negative effects on the body. It includes exercises and daily yoga poses to follow, with suggestions on how to reduce stress and improve mental state. I have to admit that I was a little nervous about trying her Detox 101. I have never done a “detox” or a “cleanse” before so this was all new territory for me. After reading the first chapter where Jessi explains exactly what a cleanse is and how to do it, I was feeling a lot better! She eased a lot of my concerns about doing a “detox” and made it seem a lot less scary.” – Lindsey of Fit Life Pursuits

This short program is the real thing – it’s like a 21-day workshop you can do anywhere, completely mapped out for you – and it works to clear out and declutter mind-body-soul. You’ll feel lighter inside and out, from head to toe.


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The Story Behind the book:

Writing has always been a passion of mine. As a child, I would sit in my writing nook (aka the craft closet with the door propped open) and write short stories and plays, create characters, and dream about being a “grown-up writer”.  And then I became a teenagere, books became “uncool”, and I let go of my love of writing.

After college, grad school, and starting a career, I became more and more involved and intrigued by health and nutrition, coaching and training, and reading healthy living blogs. And the itch to write came back. I went through my yoga training, where I had to journal everyday for about 5 months. I started reading more blogs and writing for online sites, as well as creating my own blog here at The House of healthy.  I joined a 6 week writers group and played around outside my comfort zone. And somewhere in all of this I started blogging, coaching, and creating online health programs.

While I shared my coaching knowledge in my first 21 day program, I realized that a book might not be that far out of reach. And a book might be just what people needed, something they could hold in their hands, use as a reference, and carry along with them throughout their 21-days and beyond.

With that, Detox 101 was born.

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