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How to Get Unstuck and Move Forward

make a changeHave you ever done something on a whim, made a change, and absolutely been thrilled by the outcome?

And has it ever been the same thing that caused both? How the heck can one thing cause so much grief one time and so much excitement another?

Sometimes, it is simply the circumstances and your intentions behind it. 

Last year, I wrote to you and made the video “5 steps to Break Through Old Habits”, which focused on addressing those things we do when things feel out of control and we are grasping to regain some of it.  Some people go shopping, so drink, exercise, binge on tv, or even chop off their hair. It those little almost compulsive go-to behaviors that might not be unhealthy (although some are) in moderation, but become almost a crutch when you feel things are spiraling out of control.
But what if, you could use it as a tool to bring about change in your life? Not when things are spiraling out of control, but when things are stuck with TOO much control

What if you break free of the cycle by doing something spontaneous – not something dangerous or habit-triggering – but something that will ignite a spark in your life and get you unstuck and moving forward. 

Last week, I went in for a haircut and decided that I would go ahead and chop it off, donate it, and have my hair shorter than it has been in 10 years.
Was it scary? Yes. Did I regret it? No. Because I used it as an opportunity to ignite a small change in a place where everything was completely under control.
I let go of the control and let the stylist takeover. And the results made me happy, but also let me find a spark, a little uncertainty, and a lot of trust that things would be ok if I loosened the reigns a bit.
If you have a million things in your life spiraling out of control – I suggest sitting your butt down on a yoga mat or meditation cushion and taking a break. 

BUT if things are controlled (note, not perfect, just not a lot of wiggle room or breathing space) and you are feeling stuck, find something you can do to ignite a change.

Cut you hair, change the color of your room, switch your laptop background, rearrange your desk, go to a new yoga class, try a new food. Head home early, sit on your patio, and enjoy a glass of wine. Small changes can create huge shifts in your life. 

What is one thing you can do today to mix things up a bit and get unstuck? Share your idea and your successes in the comments below!

Peace and Love, 
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