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Pear Butter

Homemade Pear Butter

When I head to the grocery store, I usually go with a list in mind. And by that I mean in my mind, not written down. I’ll have a few regular items I pick up and then a few recipe inspiration I’ll want to try, and some ingredients that will be used for other dishes.

My cart usually ends up full of veggies, coconut water, gluten-free bread, some rice noodles for quick meals, almond/coconut milk, a bag of lemons and some seasonal fruit.

On a recent trip, I had it in my mind to make a pear pie. So I bought pears. But I forgot to buy the flour.

This is when the “mind list” fails. Instead of letting them go to waste, I took the opportunity to make a new recipe – pear butter. I’ve made apple butter in the past and it is quite yummy. So I figured pear butter would be just as good.

Good news – it is! Even better news, it is by far one of the easiest recipes around. The best news, there is no added sugar or preservatives, In fact, you don’t have to add anything at all unless you want to spice it up a bit.


Simple and Delicious Pear Butter:

1 bag of pears

preferred spices (I used cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg)

Slice pears into chunks, removing the seeds and stems. You can keep the peel on. Add to a slow-cooker/crock-pot and cook on high for 4 hours. After 4 hours, transfer to a blender to puree. You could always stop at this point, mash it up, and have pear-sauce (similar to applesauce). Add back to slow-cooker for another hour. Remove from heat, stir in any spices you wish, and store in the refrigerator. I use mason jars to store mine. The bag I bought filled 1 pint and one half pint mason jar.

Pear ButterWhat can you do with pear butter?


Spread it on toast, top off your oatmeal, bake with it,  or use it in this delicious recipe…Blueberry Crumble a la mode Blueberry Pear CrumbleRecipe coming tomorrow. Stay on the edge of your seats folks 🙂

What baking and cooking have you been getting into so far this fall? I’m definitely craving baked goods and spiced coffee myself. Any good recipes I should try?

Peace and Love,


PS Thank you to everyone who has helped donate and received a guide/program. I appreciate all of your help as I head across country as a guest of the Pilates Empowerment Summit. It really is an honor to be asked to attend and write for them. Thank you for making my dreams possible. It means the world to me.


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