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Protein Power Plate: Lunch with a Punch

Protein Power Plate

After a morning of being on-the-go with yoga classes, workouts, writing, and coaching, having a complete and quick lunch is always key. And to stay energized and on top of thing, the more nutrients the better.

Nutrients are the key to creating a vibrantly healthy meal that not only fuels you for the busy day, but also tastes delicious. The more nutrients you get, the less cravings you’ll get for sugary, unhealthy foods. This is because your body needs certain nutrients to stay fueled and work efficiently. When you miss out on key nutrients, often found in fresh produce and beans, you can start to crave other foods to make up for it. 

This is why you sometimes crave snacks even though you just had a full meal. 

If you fill your plates with color, you are more likely to eat a variety of enzymes and nutrients, that not only help you better digest your food, but help you get the energy from it that you need. 
In this meal, you’ll find fresh pesto and peppers, protein packed chickpeas, and warm homemade pita. All of these combine to give you a fresh, delicious nutrient boost you so desperately crave 😉

Protein Power Plate:

Makes one deliciously satisfying serving!

1/2 can chickpeas

1/2 red bell pepper, sliced into strips

1/2 cup Perfect Pesto

1 homemade pita

Drain and rinse your chickpeas. Slice your peppers. Prepare your super-easy pesto, and roll out your pita.  Serve it up on a plate and enjoy!

What is your favorite way to pack a punch with a quick and easy meal? When are you the busiest during your day and how can you use your food to better fuel you? Leave it below and let’s figure out how to fuel you better for your busiest of days. 
Peace and Love, 
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